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Avaturn Developer API

What can you do using REST API?

  • Integrate Avaturn skipping Avaturn's sign-in page thus enabling you to use your own authentication method for the users.
  • Fine-tune the user flow of Avaturn to match your app. E.g. have a button inside of your app that opens specific avatar.
  • Upload selfies directly instead of having people to scan using Avaturn UI.
  • Use web SDK to implement custom UI or receive callbacks on events.
  • Render user avatar as image for e.g. profile picture.
  • Use native Unreal and Unity SDKs.

Getting started‚Äč

To get access to Avaturn API first you need to create a project at developer portal and generate an API authentication token. Avaturn API is only available in a paid package and is not available on free plan. You can upgrade your plan at developer portal.

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