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How to import Avaturn avatars into Unity

Avaturn exports avatars in GLB format. Unity does not load GLB natively, but there is a convenient package for it called GLTFast. With GLTFast you can load GLB in editor or at runtime. Please see a video below.


  • Use environment map, otherwise metallic garments will look black.
  • Tested with GLTFast 5.2, should work with any version.

Using FBX


THIS APPROACH IS NOT RECOMMENDED! It's better use the method above instead.

To load Avaturn avatar as FBX:

  1. Download a GLB from Avaturn
  2. Use GLB -> FBX converter to get an FBX compatible with Unity. It's import to select Unity as engine in the converter settings.
  3. Drag and drop FBX into Unity.
  4. Import manually metalness map and adjust Smoothness in materials if needed.

Video tutorial: