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Importing Avaturn avatars into Unreal

The process is a bit different for different versions of Unreal Engine.

UE 5.1+

Unreal 5.1 and above features native support for GLB files. Therefore, importing avatar is dead simple. Just drag and drop it onto the content manager and you are done.

UE 5.0 and lower

Unreal 5.0 does not have native support for GLB so the process is usually more complicated. Good news, is that we have built a GLB -> FBX converter that allows to load Avaturn avatars almost instantly.

  1. Download a GLB from Avaturn
  2. Use GLB -> FBX converter to get an FBX compatible with Unreal. It's import to select Unreal as engine in the converter settings.
  3. Drag and drop FBX into content browser. Set import settings as follows:
    • Normals import method: Import Normals
    • Import uniform scale: 100.0 (but it depends on the scale of your assets)
    • Invert normal maps: true (checkmark).
  4. Done! Sometimes you need manually fix transparency on glasses.

Video tutorial: