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What is Avaturn?

Avaturn is a realistic avatar creator and an avatar system for games, apps and metaverses. Avaturn allows game developers to focus on the game experience, while we handle the avatars generation and customization. With Avaturn plugin, users can create realistic true-to-life avatars that represent themselves. They can customize body shape, clothes, accessories, hairstyles, shoes and glasses.

When user finished with customization, a game receives a compiled ready-to-use 3D model that can replace existing character. You can find a number of integration tutorials and SDK's below:

You can integrate Avaturn for free following the tutorials listed above. For advanced customization options we provide API and web SDK, you can get access to it at developer portal.

Ready to start?

Sign up at and start using Avaturn in your app for free. There are no limits on the number of avatars created or number of exports.