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Avaturn is tweakable, there are two avatars types: T1 and T2 and 2 body types: v2024 and v2023.

Avatar types

  • T1: avatars with static faces. It's most realistic avatar you can get, and it's lightweight. The cost is -- you cannot use face bones or blendshapes to animate the face of the avatar.
  • T2: avatars with separate eyeballs, mouthhole. For such avatars, the face can be animated using ARKit blendshapes and Visemes. The tradeoff here is that this type of avatars is a bit less recognizable.

Body shape types

There are 2 body type presets available: v2023 and v2024. v2023 are the first version of the bodies that we designed, v2024 is improved one. Mostly, the difference is in aesthetics, but v2024 are easier to work with for animators. The reason is that in v2023 each body shape has its own skeleton, and all skeletons are very different, while in v2024 the skeletons are almost identical. Our aim was to make them completely identical, but it is not possible to get enough shape variability without changing the skeleton. Eventually, we settled with skeletons that are identical everywhere, but have a bit of stretch/compression of the shoulder joints. Legs, arm length, head bone is the same!


v2023: v2023 Female v2024: v2024 Female


v2023 v2023 Male v2024 v2023 Male